Dispatcher Software
for Small and Huge Trucking Companies
with easy QuickBooks integration
Free 50 Loads Registration
per load
Pack of 300 loads
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Correct IFTA fuel tax calculation
Tracking fuel purchases, mileages, and fuel tax information take a lot of time.
TruckViewer simplifies the process by integrating your fuel purchase information with Invoices.
App for Mobile Devices and Web version
The trip route is calculated to fit trucks. A quick and easy way of sending created or edited trips to the driver, tracking the geographical location of the truck, sending text messages linked to the trip, logging of messages, photos and other documents associated with a specific trip.
Easy integration with QuickBooks
The best tool for accountants serving trucking companies
Required from December 2017
ELD + Electronic Logbook App
The TruckViewer ELD plugs into a vehicle's diagnostic port. The TruckViewer Electronic Logbook App for Android connects to the ELD via Bluetooth® and automatically records driving time and technical information.
Replace messy and inaccurate paper logs with quick and precise digital records.
Improve your company's efficiency and train your dispatchers with
TruckViewer Education
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